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Welcome to my pages about the ART SGX-2000 Express and the ART X-15. I have created a page for each of these units. Visit them by clicking on one of the images below. The intention for these pages is to tie up all SGX-2000 and X-15 related information and resources I found to be useful over time, to provide one location where to find the most important links related to the units and to maintain some historical data about them. Additionally you can find a short chapter about my equipment at the bottom of this page.

ART SGX-2000 Express
ART X-15

Before the "real" content begins I'd like to mention the URL to the ART homepage. ART is the abbreviation for "Applied Research & Technology" and it is the company that developed the SGX-2000 Express and the X-15. The X-15 is still in the shops but the SGX-2000 is not available anymore (at least no new units). For general information about ART's programs and products visit

I hope the information I provide here is useful for you. Maybe you want to make your contribution? I appreciate any feedback about this page. So if you just want to let me know that you like it: send me an e-mail! If you have any information about the SGX-2000 or the X-15 that you'd like to share with other users: send me an e-mail! And if you want to see a link here pointing to your SGX-2000 or X-15 related page: send me an e-mail! You see: there's almost no reason for not sending me an e-mail, right? ;-)

Keep on jammin' !!!

My Equipment

My guitar & amp setup is pretty basic:

  • Cort M-600 (Mirage)
    • electric guitar
    • MightyMite humbuckers (passive)
    • color: "antique violin dark" with flamed maple top
    • body shaping similar to some PRS models
    • nice looking mother of pearl and abalone inlays
    • fixed bridge! :-)
  • Fernandes Vertigo X
    • most evil looking electric guitar I can think of!
      (BC Rich guitars are for girls...) ;-)
    • modified neck humbucker to work parallel or in coil-tap-mode
    • color: metallic black
    • fixed bridge! :-)
  • Chevy ST-M
    • electric guitar
    • stratocaster copy with standard setup (3 SCs, middle pickup reversed, 5-way switch)
    • color: sonic blue
  • ENGL Preamp 530 modern rock
    • great sounding amp suitable for high gain distortion and other sounds
    • the amp I was searching for not believing I would ever find it! :-)
  • Rocktron Hush II CX
    • very efficient yet extremely transparent sounding noise suppressor
    • unparalleled in sound quality and ease of use
    • 2 channels with separate controls
    • both channels can be linked that they share the settings of channel 1 for stereo applications
    • I can't live without this device
  • Rocktron Replifex
    • one of the best multi effects processors available
    • provides almost every feature you can imagine
  • Hughes & Kettner CF-100
    • 9.5" 1 HE solid state guitar power amp
    • 100 watts into 8 ohms, 120 watts into 4 ohms
    • very reliable, extremely stable, maybe undestroyable... ;-)
    • manual available as PDF file
  • ART X-15
    • MIDI Foot Controller with 2 integrated expression pedals
    • fits perfectly with the SGX-2000: simply connect it and use it while programming presets
    • for details about this unit please visit my page "ART X-15 Resources"
  • ENGL E212V
    • 2x12" speaker cabinet - mono
    • slanted
    • has two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
  • Boss DR-660 Drum Computer
    • great drum computer with a broad range of sounds
    • a bit challenging to learn operating this unit
    • sounds good enough to make real recordings with it
      (my band has used it for recording our first album!)

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